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Why CityShape?

CityShape Fitness is a monthly membership to the best fitness studios in your city.

Why not choose to shape your fitness routine and explore what’s out there?

We want to unite the fitness communities in Kansas City and Tulsa by allowing our members access to the best in health and fitness in their city. This is a place to reach your goals and never get bored on the way there. That little juice bar down the street? The cute yoga studio downtown? We want to connect you with everything your city has to offer. Sign up for a monthly membership that grants you access the best fitness options in your city.

Not only will we include boutique fitness studios and gyms, we want to include all outdoor and indoor activities that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Not to mention getting to join a welcoming community of like-minded fitness fanatics!

Fitness is “in”and you can be a part of it. Say goodbye to commitment and embrace the excitement of choice.

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