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Studio Owner Spotlight: Amanda Rismiller

Be Silly.  Be Fun.  Be Different.  Be Crazy. Be You.  Because Life is too short to be anything but happy.

Dear CityShape Tribe,

Let us introduce you to one of the sweetest studio owners on the planet. Amanda Rismiller owns MOJO Cycling Studio, is a major girl boss, and continues to change and inspire the fitness community here in Kansas City. She was sweet enough to write about how she found true joy and happiness through cycling and starting her own business. See her blog below, we hope you enjoy it! 


5 years ago life was different.  I was busting my ass at a job that I didn’t love.  Traveling to places I couldn’t pronounce and going through some pretty big life changes. I spent a lot of time away from the things that made me happy.

To find happiness again, I knew I had to make some lifestyle changes.  Finding happiness from within.

I had a goal at the time, and it was pretty simple.  To surround myself with people and things that made me feel good.  I left my corporate sales job,  traveled with friends, renovated my house, reconnected with family and spent a lot of time doing group fitness.

I’m an extrovert to the soul and get my energy from being around other people.  I work harder when I’m in a group fitness environment   There’s something about the music, the energy, and the connection with a group of sweaty people  The feeling of being stronger and more confident.  The ability to tune out the world outside and just focus on myself.

Things started to click.  My love for fitness and my desire to bring something to KC that didn’t exist.  My love for fitness, energy, connectivity, sweat, feeling stronger, and more confident.  I found my strongest connection with indoor cycling.  It was more than just the workout to me.  There’s something about riding without computers, using the music to guide your legs and movement, it’s like a dance.  It’s contagious and fun.  To the point where you forget how hard you are working. I wanted to share this love with the KC Community.  Something that brought happiness, love and the feeling of confidence back to my life.

The journey hasn’t been easy.  Anyone that has owned a business will tell you that.  It takes perseverance like I’ve never experienced.  Hard work, late nights and commitment. It’s takes over your body and mind.  It’s that feeling when the riding a bike, the resistance is kicking and the leg speed is peppy – and you have to fight extra hard to stay on beat.  You want to stop, throw in the towel and leave, but you don’t.  And when you succeed, it’s that F***k yes moment.  It’s powerful.  It changes your world.  Doing hard things out of our comfort never feels good.  But that’s where we grow, that’s where the change happens.  And that’s where you find what makes you happy.

Life is short.  Find your rhythm, find what rocks your soul.  That’s when life begins.



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