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Meet Wendy Zoog: 2018 Lululemon Ambassador

written by: Caroline Chisholm

As a yoga practitioner and fitness enthusiast, Wendy is a has devoted over twenty years of her life to movement, anatomy and the mind body connection. She is inspired by the relationship we have with our bodies for health and healing. Wendy understands physical limitations and the importance of proper alignment as a Registered Nurse, 200 Hour E-RYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher), and self-proclaimed ‘anatomy nerd’. Wendy has generated multiple class formats including KALOS Experience and Prana Power—classed to feel stronger, more balanced and energized. Wendy likes to challenge her students, while remaining passionate about keeping the movements safe.

Get to know more about Wendy from the Q&A below!

What is your biggest motivation?  

“Sustaining my eternal energy – so that I can still move the same way I do today when I am 100 years old!    Tao Porchon-Lynch is a 100 year old yogini that still practices daily and travels the world. She motivates me!“


Why is the KC Fitness World so great?   

“To see the overall growth of physical fitness in KC over the past 25 years has been amazing. I think the KC fitness world has created a multitude of platforms in which we can now choose from, enabling people to discover what works best in their body.  The Midwest needed to step up their fitness game and I believe our KC community is doing a damn fine job!”



What is a quote you live by?   

“Make yourself a priority. At the end of the day, you are your longest commitment.”

Where is your happy place?

“When I am on my yoga mat -it’s my sanctuary- where I feel  Grounded. Grateful. Safe.”

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