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Meet Stefan Hoffman: 2018 Lululemon Ambassador

written by: Caroline Chisholm

After finding himself at Power Life Yoga’s Grand Opening in the Fall of ’15, Stefan noticed how the discipline and mindfulness he practiced on his mat carried over to his daily life inspiring him to take his passion one step further. Within the first four months of his practice he completed his 200 Hour Power Yoga Teacher Training at Power Life Yoga. He loves to inspire his students to turn thinking into action. In his class, he aims to create an uplifting and motivating environment to empower students to design their lives with passion and constant intent. When he isn’t spending his free time practicing as a student, he can most likely be found doing anything and everything active outside, hanging out with the PLY community, or spending time with his family.


Get to know more about Stefan from the Q&A below!

What is your biggest motivation?
“My closest family and friends. They do so much for me and I would be doing them a disservice if I didn’t work towards giving them the best version of myself.”



Why is the KC Fitness World so great?
“It’s local feel. It’s small enough to feel tight-knit, yet large enough to explore and continually be challenged [and] inspired by new individuals.”



What is a quote you live by?
“Discipline before expression.”

Where is your happy place?
“Dripping in sweat in a Power Vinyasa yoga class at Power Life.”

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