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Meet Sarah Buchanan: 2018 Lululemon Ambassador

written by: Caroline Chisholm

Sarah Buchanan is the wellness founder of INDULGE which hosts experiences that introduces people to wellness and mindful practices so they can adopt what empowers them. Buchanan believes we each have unique biology and priorities which require us to define our own individual balance. She stresses the importance of topics like life as a practice, authenticity and the “power of tribe.” In addition to her work at INDULGE, she works with different companies to adopt wellness practices to help employees increase energy, health, happiness and productivity. Sarah’s journey with INDULGE began with her desire to shed outside voices and define her own balance. Buchanan was inspired to quit her job in advertising after 10 years to begin inspiring people to be the best versions of themselves every day, to let go and dream big.


Get to know more about Sarah in the Q&A below!

What is your biggest motivation?

“Being a better version of myself every day. Fitness is such an incredible way to practice enduring, digging in and finding joy in the work.”

Why is the KC Fitness World so great?

“COMMUNITY! Oh my goodness, we have the best community. There is a rise together attitude. Couldn’t be more grateful for this KC tribe.”


What is a quote you live by?

“You know I am not sure I have a quote. What motto I have been living by lately is that life is a practice and that goes for fitness too. If life is a practice, then there is no failure and therefore no fear. Only learning and growth.”


Where is your happy place?

“On the instructor bike at Mojo is what immediately come to mind. I also love finding my solo stride in the discipline of training for something like a triathlon or half marathon.”


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