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Love Letter

Love Letter

Written By: Hailee Bland-Walsh


Happy Monday Tribe! I’ve been wanting to share this letter with you all for awhile now. It seems with last week in Kansas City being so rainy and cold, this was the perfect time to share this with you. A month ago I went to Hailee’s (the owner of City Gym KC) Magical Unicorn Spin. She was celebrating her birthday in style, with a spin class that would go down in history.

I walked into the cycling room and was greeted with tons of people in tutus, shiny outfits, unicorn balloons, blacklights, glow sticks, and Hailee in her amazing unicorn hat. I myself was wearing a blue feather boa, pizza socks, pinstripe leggings, and sparkly bows. On each of our bikes was a gift bag with a Simple Science Juice, a free coffee coupon, a ring pop, a unicorn horn, sparkly unicorn essential oils, and this love letter from Hailee.

Right before class started two men walked in. They were go-go dancers and they were there to turn. the. party. UP! It was over an hour of colorful, sweaty, magical cycling full of inspiration and encouragement. I left feeling so incredibly happy and excited about life. That’s when I found the love letter from Hailee tucked away inside the gift bag. I read it and was overcome with joy. It was perfect. It’s how everyone needs to live their life. So I’m going to share it with you today. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.





My Dear Friend,


You are mother fucking magic.


There is only one you and the most radical and transformative thing you can do, is be yourself, fully and completely–every damn day. Even when it hurts. Especially when it hurts. In a world hell bent on homogeny, your act of radical authenticity changes the fucking Universe.


It is the honor of my life to be on this journey with you, but the truth is I don’t hold the answers, you do. Rather, I create the container, the safe place, for you to do the work. Everything you need is perfectly packaged inside of you. I’m happy to remind you when you forget, but babe, know you are fucking perfect just the way you are, so get to work.


Sometimes we need people to believe in us, to really, really see us in order to have the faith that the leap is worth the risk, so hear me when I say this,


I see you.

I believe in you.

You can do it.


(Repeat above if you don’t believe me times infinity until you do.)


Here is my solemn vow, anytime you need a reminder that you are a superhero, a warrior, or a badass, come see me in this place that has been created to help you feel safe enough, and brave enough, and inspired enough to become the biggest and best version of you.


Now, promise me this, go be big. Big like the sun or the moon and light up the whole sky.


Stop playing small.

Stop negotiating your power away.

Stop with the negative self-talk.

Stop with the bullshit excuses.

Stop saying you can’t.


I can’t wait to see what’s next for you. It’s going be fucking epic, because you’re fucking epic. Now, go do epic shit and change the world because the world needs you.


Love you. Mean it.

So CityShape Tribe. What are you going to accomplish this week that you “can’t”? What negative thoughts are you going to stomp in order to be fully you and change the universe? What light are you going to shine into the world? I believe in you, Hailee believes in you, so go out and do something epic and never look back. Be the badass warrior that you are.


Much love,


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